Dr. Steven Fruchtman:

The eldest son of Hanka,  Dr Fruchtman is a specialist in the treatment of bone marrow conditions like myeloproliferative neoplasms or acute leukemia. He was instrumental in the early days of stem cell transplantation in optimizing the outcome of marrow transplantation to replace the diseased bone marrow, and to create alternative sources of transplanted cells, such as human cord blood. Currently he works on the development of new medications to treat bone marrow diseases.

Hanka “ Anna” Fruchtman:

Deceased survivor of Auschwitz,speaks to us from a video shot in the 90’s as part of a Center for Holocaust studies/Brooklyn project. Hanka died in 2008 in Brooklyn.

Jay Fruchtman:

Youngest son of Hanka, is a real estate agent and actor living in NYC.  His partner Paulo lives in Rome.

Betty Baranoff:   

The eldest daughter of Hanka, was born just after World War Two in Poland. Escaping Europe with her parents she spent her career in school administration and also teaching about the Holocaust in Brooklyn. She spearheaded the Holocaust Memorial Park in Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn and watched it bloom into reality. She has three children and still lives 10 blocks from where she grew up.

Genna Fruchtman: 

Hanka’s Grand daughter and Steve’s eldest daughter lives and works in Boston at Boston Children's Hospital and studies at Harvard. Genna now has her grandmothers number tattoo.

Tess Fruchtman: 

Twin to Harry also lives in New Jersey and is a senior in high school. Tess intends to get the number tattoo when she turns 18 and is legally allowed.

Harry Fruchtman:

Harry is twin to his sister Tess and lives in New Jersey where he is a senior in high school.

Ed the tattoo artist:

Runs his tattooing operation in Woodstock New York. This was his first Auschwitz number tattoo.