Hanka's Tattoo

Leviticus 19:28:

“You shall not etch a tattoo on yourselves."


Hanka’s Tattoo is the story of Steve, a New York physician, trying to make sense of the atrocities suffered by his mother in Auschwitz.

 Hanka's children and grandchildren share stories and explore how Hanka's tattoo molded who they are today and shaped their own families.

Hanka wore a band-aid over her tattoo, didn't want to talk about it, and her grandchildren; “never really saw it”. She only shared her experiences with her family because she said "no one would really understand".

The Jewish Religion prohibits and discourages tattooing. Many Rabbis will not bury someone in a Jewish cemetery if they have a tattoo. Holocaust survivors are the exception because the tattoo was forced upon them. 

Number A14978 was branded on Hanka Fruchtman during World War II.

In spite of his religion, Hanka's son Steve gets his mothers tattoo and so do his children.


A historic story told in a new way by a younger generation.